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I have been very honoured to be asked to speak at a variety of camera club and monochrome groups over the last few years.  Here are a few of the responses I have received:

‘Your talk was very well received by all who attended on Sunday.  Your images were top quality.’
Mike Martindale – Lincolnshire Monochrome Group

‘Members are still talking about your photography, your work methods and the wonderful end result. Hope to see you again in the future.
Andrew Rothery – Yorkshire Monochrome Group

‘Hope you had a clear journey home after last night's great presentation. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. Thanks again’
Joanne Galston – Bolton Digital Photographic Society

'One of the best nights I have had at the club for a long time. Very well presented. You were very relaxed and that came through to us. One hell of a lecture. It's made me look at Black and Whites in a different light.  Thank you for a fantastic lecture I really enjoyed it.'
Tony Doyle - Axholme Camera Club


The Adventures of Monoman

This presentation can be tailored to different times, but normally would consist of two parts which last about 45 minutes each, with time for a break in between each half.

As well as the digital projected presentation, I will also bring along some mounted prints and photo books.

I have given some details about the presentation below:


Part 1

A bit about me

  • An introduction and brief bio about me

Photographers that have inspired me

  • A look at the work of some great mono photographers who have inspired me on my photographic journey such as:
    • Jonathan Chritchley
    • Michael Kenna
    • Billy Currie
    • Wolgang Mothes

My Approach

  • A bit about my approach in camera
  • A look at my typical processing workflow including screen shots of the different stages in processing a monochrome image
  • Printing and displaying images


Part 2


  • A review of some of my images including discussing locations, approach and processing
  • My work is broadly split into the following areas:
    • Landscape
    • Coastal
    • Architecture


  • A look at some current projects that I'm working on


I don't charge a fee for giving a talk, just mileage expenses at £0.45 per mile from the centre of Hull where I'm based.

If you'd like further information or to book a presentation, please get in touch via the Contact page.