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Starting pointRaw Conversion - often don't need to make any alterations hereOpened in PhotoshopSilver Efex Raw Pre-Sharpener - apply limited sharpening hereLevelling the horizon using the measure toolOpening in Silver Efex Pro - neutral selection looks very flatChoosing a pre-set starting point - depends on the image but often something like 'Full Dynamic (Harsh)'Often apply the Red filter effect too, as I would have used in the film days.More often than not I will then apply a vignette - usually Lens Fall Off 2 or 3.Then I will burn the bottom edge to make it even darker.  Normally with a full transition.Next I apply some control points to the main subject, in this case to make the lighthouse stand out more I have increased the contrast and added a little structure.Next I check zone 9 to see if I have retained some whites.  I'd adjust overall brightness if not.Next check zone 0 blacks to make sure I have some!Then it's back in Photoshop for some final touch upsAdd an overlay layer and call it dodge and burn.Select a grey darker than mid grey if we're burning.Select a soft edged brushand burn to your heart's content.