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With calm, calm

Welcome to this gallery dedicated to some of my minimal work, exploring coastal scenes. I use a long exposure technique to calm any movement in the water, and will work on the images in Photoshop to achieve my desired end result.

With calm, calm, belong.


Venetian Fishing Huts

These huts are found close to the shore on the island of Pellestrina in the Venetian lagoon and are used by the local fisherman to store equipment for their boats that are moored nearby.  The location takes a bit of travelling to, but there is an extensive amount of huts and mooring posts that make great subjects for this kind of work.  The huts on their own make great colour subjects, but I felt for monochrome, the inclusion of the posts added extra dimension and interest.  This series of three came about as I walked along the edge of the water and found I could get the three similar compositions.


French Fishing Huts

These structures can be found in various parts of the world, these examples are from the coast around the Gironde Estuary in Western France.  The huts are rented from the local council by families who are then responsible for their upkeep.  The large square nets are winched down into the water, left for a while and then winched back up hopefully having caught a few fish for tea.



There are locations all over the world, that become extremely popular among photographers because of the opportunities they offer to create great images.  For monochrome photographers this can include locations that have great shapes, lines and patterns.  This series shows a few pf these locations that I've captured over the years.

Fishing Nets, VeniceFishing Nets, Venice InfiniteInfinite Bridge to NowhereBridge to Nowhere
Roker PierRoker Pier Where the Sun Will Rise No MoreWhere the Sun Will Rise No More Zeeland BridgeZeeland Bridge